by Lucia Shin April 23, 2014

It’s inevitable - we’re all getting older.  This plain and simple fact is obvious.  What isn’t so obvious, however, is what getting older means for our skin.  After the age of 20, our skin’s natural resilience begins to decline.  Skin cells produce less collagen (in important fiber for skin elasticity), leading to decreased skin elasticity, sagging skin, and wrinkles.  The epidermis loses its ability to retain moisture, causing dehydration and subsequent damage.  Unless we do something to stop the degradation of our complexion, we are doomed to suffer the consequences - discoloration, expression lines, wrinkles, prolonged healing time, etc.  With that said, the natural decline of our skin’s abilities need not be a death sentence. 


Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in dermatologic health for a number of reasons.   First, it has the unique ability to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it a powerful dermal moisturizer.  It binds water to skin cells, infusing them with the hydration they need to better do their job. 


Second, it is a humectant, meaning it absorbs moisture form the outside environment, which allows it to provide the skin with hydration long after it is applied.  In short, the skin is better able to absorb the moisture it needs when adequate levels of hyaluronic acid are present. 


Third, hyaluronic acid fortifies the skin’s natural lipid barrier, further enhancing the skin’s ability to retain moisture.  It helps lock moisture in for long lasting benefits. 


Fourth, it is a naturally occurring chemical that is part of the skin’s natural healing process.  Accordingly, it promotes and supports tissue repair and regeneration, leading to quicker recovery and reduced aging consequences when damage occurs.  In a sense, it helps stop the aging process.


Finally, hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen production, leading to increased skin elasticity and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s like a time machine for your skin, reversing the decline in collagen production that began when you turned 20. 


So why is hyaluronic acid so important for your skin?  It moisturizes, enhances the skin’s ability to absorb moisture, locks moisture into the skin, is vital in the skin’s recovery process, and stimulates the production of collagen.


Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum includes 100% pure, high-quality hyaluronic acid along with an advanced delivery system to provide you with maximum levels of the above benefits.  Enhance the health and appearance of your skin with Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum!

Lucia Shin
Lucia Shin