by TJ Conway March 20, 2017


 To understand what makes a vitamin C serum so good for your skin, we need to take a look at why it’s so important for us in so many other functions. You’ve probably heard of free radicals and oxidative stress – but what does this mean for your cells and your skin?


The reason we breathe is to take in oxygen, which our cells can use to break down sugars for energy and keep us alive – pretty important! And while this process works extremely well and efficiently, unfortunately it can also result in the formation of free radicals and oxidative stress, believed to be the main reason we age at all. Using up that oxygen creates ‘electron-hungry’ molecules which will try and grab electrons from wherever they can – and sometimes that means from the structures of your cells, causing damage.


Now vitamin C, or L Ascorbic Acid is a giving kind of molecule. A powerful antioxidant, it is willing to donate an electron to these free radicals and neutralize them before they do any damage. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is one way to make sure you have adequate levels in your blood – but some of that L Ascorbic Acid is going to get used up before it reaches all of them. That’s where using a vitamin C facial serum can be of great benefit. Applying a good quality vitamin C facial serum helps to protect the cells of the skin, particularly collagen, from free radical damage.


You can see the power of vitamin C to protect against oxidation when you sprinkle lemon juice onto sliced fruit like apples to stop them turning brown – the brown color is caused by oxidation. Lemon juice is of course an excellent source of vitamin C.


But vitamin C has another role to play in the health of the skin. The body actually uses up vitamin C during the process of collagen synthesis – in fact the famous disease scurvy is caused by the body being unable to produce enough collagen and connective tissue due to a lack of vitamin C. On a much smaller scale, the same thing is happening to our skin as we age.


As we grow older, the skin starts to produce less collagen, and this gradually becomes visible in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. However, by making sure there is ample L Ascorbic Acid available directly at the site of the skin’s collagen production, we can do our best to slow down the damage, and allow our skin to heal and restore itself – resulting in smoother and younger looking skin!


This is why Cosmedica’s vitamin C facial serum high active contains 79% active vitamin C, making sure your skin gets all the potent L Ascorbic Acid right where it needs it to maximize collagen production and fight the signs of aging. But Cosmedica’s vitamin C facial serum has another secret weapon to help even further…


You see applying vitamin C on the surface of the skin is just the first step in promoting healing – to get the most benefit, it needs to be able to reach down beneath the surface to where the collagen formation is actually taking place. This is why our 7 day kit contains not just the high potency vitamin C serum, but also an activation liquid which allows the L Ascorbic Acid to penetrate deeper, right to where it’s needed.


The activation liquid works by lowering the pH of the serum and binding with it to create a 3D matrix to keep it stable and prevent it from oxidizing through contact with the air around you. (Like that apple) Locked into this stable matrix, the Vitamin C can now be absorbed deep down into the skin. Once it has reached deep down through all the epidermal layers of your skin, the matrix begins to break down, releasing the Vitamin C exactly where your skin can use it most effectively to create new collagen, and repair damaged cells.


In addition, this model takes advantage of what’s called the reservoir effect – high concentrations on the surface of the skin create a gradient – and like a ball rolling down a hill, the Vitamin C serum gets drawn down deep into the skin where it’s needed. Cosmedica’s vitamin C serum’s low pH helps it do this better than any of our competitor’s products.


We all know that skin likes moisture, so to add even further benefit, our facial serum also contains pure jojoba seed oil, freeze dried to preserve it perfectly without the need to include paraben or any other preservative chemicals which might harm the skin.


You can apply the serum by adding the activation liquid using the applicator onto the puff provided for you, either into the palm of your hand or into the mixing container.  When the two are combined, the activation liquid immediately transforms the vitamin C liquid into that powerful 3D matrix, ready to transport the L Ascorbic Acid deep down into the skin where the body can use it to make new collagen and repair damage. 


So when you're choosing a vitamin C serum for your skin, make sure that it delivers all of the following:

  • High potency L Ascorbic Acid – this is the type of vitamin C which is most similar to that found in nature, and is the easiest form of the vitamin for your body to use effectively, both as an antioxidant and in the formation of collagen.
  • Preservative and paraben free – you don’t want harsh chemicals damaging your skin while you're trying to protect it!
  • Moisturizing agents like jojoba seed oil, distilled water and glycerin to help hydrate the skin and deliver the vitamin C without drying the skin.
  • A low pH to enable the serum to penetrate deep into the dermis where it can be used to promote collagen regeneration.


And yes, you guessed it – Cosmedica’s Vitamin C facial serum high active 79% booster 7 day supply checks all those boxes! 

TJ Conway
TJ Conway


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