Cosmedica Products are Paraben-Free

Every Cosmedica Skincare product is not only composed of the highest quality ingredients possible, they also are made without parabens, fillers, artificial fragrances, and synthetic dyes.  

Why is this important to you?  

Each of the above additives is considered detrimental to your skin or overall health for one reason or another.  Artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes have been known to irritate the skin, cause inflammation, and lead to dermatologic problems such as breakouts.  Cosmedica Skincare would rather our products lack a flowery scent and a pretty color than put your skin’s health and appearance at risk.  So we use only natural, pure ingredients in each of our formulations.

Fillers are useless ingredients used to add volume.  While it they might add to the perceived value of a product by increasing the volume received for the price paid, they are inactive and do nothing to promote a healthy or beautiful complexion.  Accordingly, Cosmedica does not boost quantities with useless fillers and includes only top-notch, active ingredients in each formula.  

Parabens are preservatives used by many skin care, cosmetics, and makeup companies to increase the shelf life of their products.  Including them in the formulas is a cheap, effective way to reduce lost inventory and extend the “use-by” dates.  However, parabens have been linked with all sorts of health problems including but not limited to improper hormonal activity and cancer.  

While it may be cheaper and more efficient to include parabens as preservatives, Cosmedica Skincare will not put your health at risk just to keep our products on the shelf a little longer.  Instead, we use creative packaging and sacrifice durability to give you the best products on the market without risking your well-being.

So every time you use a Cosmedica product, you can be confident that its not only nourishing and beautifying your complexion, but that you aren’t taking unnecessary risks with your skin or your health.