Skin Conditions - Rosacea

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a dermatologic vascular disorder in which blood vessels in the center of the face swell to form a butterfly pattern.  Affecting approximately 14 million Americans, it usually worsens unless properly treated, causing many to suffer needlessly, either not knowing they suffer from the condition or unaware that effective treatments exist.

Rosacea normally appears between the ages of 30 and 50, and common symptoms include:

Rosacea lowers self-confidence, is embarrassing, and can affect every aspect of someone’s life.  

What causes Rosacea?

Many theories exist, but the causes of Rosacea are still unknown.  While some think it is hereditary, others propose it is due to a bacterial infection or parasite.  

What can you do about Rosacea?

If you suffer from Rosacea or think you may have the condition, see an esthetician or dermatologist for an official diagnosis.  A skin expert will also be able to prescribe or recommend treatment regimens that soothe flare-ups and prevent future Rosacea breakouts.

Also, keep in mind that balanced skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is less susceptible to Rosacea.  Although Cosmedica Skincare does not offer any specific Rosacea treatments, it does offer a full line or products designed to balance your skin for a healthier complexion.  For example, Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid Serum nourishes the skin with a rich dose of moisture.  Cosmedica Multi-Active Night Creme conditions the skin for increased resilience and a more vibrant appearance.  Products such as these reduce the potential for Rosacea flare-ups.

At the same time, the Cosmedica line of products is well suited for the sensitivity and inflammation common to Rosacea.  While many products further irritate Rosacea, Cosmedica Skincare products are designed with sensitive skin types in mind, soothing inflammation and relieving symptoms of irritation rather than contributing to them.