Get rid of fine lines, discoloration, acne, and other factors could be the consequences of excessive stress that leads to skin damage. Don’t let it ruin your self-confidence and self-moral. In this social media infested world, there is nothing more important than to look nice. Stress and other factors are more prevalent and the results are disastrous and must be treated before it undergoes any permanent skin damage. That’s where skin care comes into play. Getting a single product is economical but it doesn’t mean it will treat all the skin related issues that you might be observing. The solution is a combo pack which comes with a number of products where each act on a vast number of problems thereby collectively curing all the issues you got. Presenting Cosmedica Vitamin C Moisturizer, Vitamin C Serum, and Vitamin C Facial Cleanser in one combo pack, the solution to all the sorrows.

Vitamin C Moisturizer is made up of active ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, MSM that protects the skin by forming a layer of moisture that reflects UV radiation. It posses a copious amount of antioxidants that moisturizes your skin and restore it with a brighter complexion.

Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is extremely powerful and works 20 times more than an ordinary face cleanser. The Vitamin C powerful face cleanser neutralizes and reduces the aging factors and with its essential nutrients, it beautifies your skin and gives you a brighter and glowing complexion.

Vitamin C Serum is action-packed with Ferulic Acid and Vitamin, C and Vitamin E that boosts the formation of Collagen that keeps your skin smoother and healthier. It acts of free radicals, which are solely responsible for issues like discoloration, sun damage, and so on. It also nourishes the skin with its pure Hyaluronic Acid that maximizes the protection cover from UV radiation and fine lines to name a few and helps your skin breath.

  •  Skin Moisturization - Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Serum combines to form a protective layer on the skin. It prevents any form of problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and more. The formulas are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin C that assemble together to form a powerful shield and results in more absorption and potency. It also enhances the resiliency to heal quicker.
  •  Collagen on-duty - Collagen makes up for 25% of the protein content and it is found in bone, cartilage, tendons. Collagen protein along with Coenzyme Q10 enhances the smooth skin. When combined with Elastin, another protein, it increases the tensile as well as the flexibility of the skin that bears the wear and tear to the skin.
  •  Protection against Ultraviolet Radiation - UV radiation is a harmful spectrum of light that penetrates into the human skin and causes adverse effects on the skin such as environmental damage, sun damage, and more. The Vitamin C Serum helps to fortify the harmful radiation by forming a cover of moisture on the skin. It further nourishes the skin for a smoother and firmer skin.
  •  More Effective - 20 times more powerful than the ordinary face cleanser, the Vitamin C enriches Facial Cleanser and acts as an anti-aging cream for a healthier skin.
  •  Vanishing Free Radicals - Free Radicals are the main culprit that enhances discoloration, sun damage, and more. Vitamin C releases free molecules of oxygen that traps the free radicals and eradicates its adverse effect.

 Each serum and cream in this combo pack have its own perks and backlogs. The combo pack that embodies Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, and Vitamin C Moisturizer is one best-selling product on Amazon and that’s according to Customer’s Review. All these products have garnered much acclaim from the customers due to its instant and everlasting results. 



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