Retinol Serum and Retinol Cream Combo

Cosmedica Retinol Cream & serum: production of collagen, youthful skin in a few days, refines skin tone & texture for a healthy complexion; unclog the pores, acne treatment, gets healthy and revitalize skin.

  • Hydration of the skin- Vitamin E nourishes and keep the skin hydrated. It works at the cellular level by nourishing the deeper layers of skin and makes the nerves stronger. Thus, the skin feels hydrated and moisturized from within! It helps to regenerate the new skin cells and lightens the scars on the face. 
  • Control of Acne- retinol has been used widely to control the outbreak of acne.  It helps in the regeneration of the skin cells, making your skin glow and radiant by its exfoliating feature. It unclogs pores and helps in the control of acne. If you want the healthier skin, then apply Cosmedica retinol cream and serum.
  • Prevention of skin from wrinkles- vitamin A (Retinol) is the essential ingredient that aids in diminishing the signs of aging. It makes the skin firm and improves uneven skin tone. Using the retinol cream & serum together is the best solution for your skin. It helps to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, thus slowing down the aging process. It makes your skin more vibrant, clear, and youthful! Our product works at the molecular level by penetrating deep into the skin. It works on wrinkles and fine lines and improves the quality of the skin to make it healthy. It also improves the elasticity of the skin and hydrates. 


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